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WHO we are

We are a boutique consultancy that co-creates and co-executes strategic plans for B2C enterprises to become Conversational Businesses and digital natives, using the latest technology and innovation coupled with the proven best practices.


“Co-creation allowed us to get the best out of our talent in an organized way, so that we built, delivered and enabled a strategic GTM for our organization, while empowering our own and ensuring ongoing continuity”


We help businesses and brands Get Conversational.

We are a group of practitioners, with a broad set of backgrounds in customer experience, business transformation, change management and technology innovation that have come together through the joy of building cross-functional teams, and helped many brands transform and deliver material business outcomes.

Our capabilities include:

  • Introduction To Conversational Commerce

  • Vision And Roadmap Workshops

  • Conversational Design And Messaging Foundation

  • Technology Implementation And Bot Building

Conversational Business

Business and technology innovation is moving at an unprecedented high speed. Today’s customer journeys are all about delivering game-changing experiences. Experiences happen at every customer touchpoints. Most of that interaction still predominantly happens over the phone, in an era where consumers choose to connect in text and messaging apps. Nearly all consumers (94%) report having experienced frustration when using voice channels to communicate with a company (source: Harris Poll).

The opportunity is ripe now for businesses to deliver an unexpected positive experiences and leapfrog competition to secure an ongoing customer relationship that ultimately delivers more sales and higher LTV.


“By 2020, 50% of all searches would be made by voice”

Mary Meeker



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